Kage Guide
Out of all the shinobi countries of the world of Naruto, the five most powerful are allowed to call their leaders by the Kage (Shadow) title. These five individuals are called the "Five Kage," they are Watershadow (Mizukage), Fireshadow (Hokage), Windshadow (Kazekage) , Earthshadow (Tsuchikage) and Lightningshadow (Raikage). The Kage are the leaders of their respective hidden villages and the ninja which inhabit their country. So far eleven Kage have had some part in the world of Naruto. They are depicted below. Warning! The listing of these Kage go through the most recent chapters of the manga. So you may see Kage who have yet to appear in your viewing of the anime.
Shodai Hokage (First Fire Shadow)
One of the founders of Leaf, Senju Hashirama helped establish the ideal of all the Hokage who followed. The Hokage serves as the foundation which Leaf village sits. The Hokage would love his village and do all in his power to protect it, even giving his life in the line of duty to ensure its survival.
Nidaime Hokage (Second Fire Shadow)
Senju Tobirama also helped in the founding of Leaf, he was the younger brother of Hashirama. Like Shodai Hokage, Tobirama helped establish the principle that the Hokage will die for those people precious to them.
Sandaime Hokage (Third Fire Shadow)
Sandaime Hokage became Hokage at a very young age. He was chosen as Hokage over another talented ninja named Danzou. Sarutobi Hiruzen was known as the Professor, a ninja with extraordinary skill and knowledge of jutsu. He would later pass on his knowledge to his students Jiraiya, Tsunade and Orochimaru. Jiraiya would then in turn pass on his knowledge to Namikaze Minato, who would become Yondaime Hokage. After Yondaime Hokage's death, the Sandaime came out of retirement to lead his village again.
Yondaime Hokage (Fourth Fire Shadow)
Sandaime Hokage first wanted Orochimaru to succeed him, but his evil ways caused Hiruzen to choose Namikaze Minato instead. Yondaime Hokage was faced with a difficult challenge not long after being appointed. One of the great demons, the Kyuubi fox attacked his village. Many ninja died and Yondaime had to give his life to beat the Kyuubi and imprison him in his newborn son. His death caused the Sandaime Hokage to come out of retirement and act as Hokage once again.
Godaime Hokage (Fifth Fire Shadow)
Though Tsunade was the granddaughter of Shodai Hokage and a student of the Sandaime Hokage, she was reluctant to become Godaime Hokage. Her boyfriend and little brother both had dreams of becoming Hokage and died while trying to further that goal. When she met Uzumaki Naruto she thought that he was also going down a foolish path, but his hard work and determination inspired her to think that becoming Hokage was a worthwhile thing.
Rokudaime Hokage (Sixth Fire Shadow)
After Tsunade exhausted herself saving the village when Akatsuki leader Pain attacked, she fell into an unconscious state. Danzou then made his move to convince the Fire Country Daimyou that he was the best choice to be the next Hokage.
Shodai Kazekage (First Wind Shadow)
Shodai Kazekage helped found Hidden Sand and went on to become its kage.
Nidaime Kazekage (Second Wind Shadow)
Nidaime Kazekage served as the kage of Hidden Sand.
Sandaime Kazekage (Third Wind Shadow)
Sandaime Kazekage was said to be the most gifted kage in Hidden Sand's history with his ability to manipulate Iron Sand. He disappeared under mysterious circumstances right before war broke out. Years later it was revealed he was killed by expert puppet maker Sasori and turned into his most prized puppet.
Yondaime Kazekage (Fourth Wind Shadow)
Yondaime Kazekage replaced his predecessor who disappeared under myserious circumstances. He was the father of Gaara, Temari and Kankurou and he ordered the Shukaku demon be implanted into his unborn son Gaara. After falling in battle to Orochimaru, a new Kazekage was appointed to replace him.
Godaime Kazekage (Fifth Wind Shadow)
After Naruto and Jiraiya left for 2 1/2 years to train, Gaara was appointed as Godaime Kazekage of Hidden Sand. The village council appointed Gaara on the notion he was now more in control of his homicidal tendencies.
Mizukage (Water Shadow)
The Mizukage is the leader of Hidden Mist Village. Uchiha Madara revealed his true identity to a select few, including Hoshigaki Kisame. When Kisame saw the man he was put at ease, as the man he knew as Madara was also his Mizukage. The exact nature of his position as Mizukage is unclear. Due to Madara's age, he could have been Yondaime or any previous Mizukage.
Yondaime Mizukage (Fourth Water Shadow)
Yagura was both the Mizukage and the Jinchuuriki for the Sanbi Bijuu. Under Yondaime's reign, bloody civil strife was rampant leading to the village earning the name "Blood Mist" Village. Mist ninja Momochi Zabuza attempted to assassinate the Mizukage, it is unknown whether he went after Yondaime or Godaime. The Kage escaped harm, and Zabuza was forced to flee the country. During this time there were rumors Akatsuki was controlling Yagura. When Akatsuki eventually captured the Sanbi, it was free of Yondaime. What happened to Yagura is unclear.
Godaime Mizukage (Fifth Water Shadow)
Some time after Yondaime Mizukage's reign came to an end, this kunoichi became Godaime Mizukage. As Mizukage, she hopes to not repeat her village's bloody past.
Raikage (Lightning Shadow)
The Raikage is the leader of Hidden Cloud Village. It is unknown how many Raikage there have been. The Raikage sought to obtain the Byakugan from Konoha, and dispatched a team to kidnap Hyuuga Hinata. The current Raikage is the brother of Killer Bee, the Eight-Tails Jinchuuriki. After his brother was captured by Akatsuki, he sought a meeting of the Five Kages to discuss dealing with Akatsuki.
Tsuchikage (Earth Shadow)
The Tsuchikage is the leader of Hidden Rock Village. It is unknown how many Tsuchikage there have been, this man is the current Tsuchikage. Due to his advanced age, he may have become Kage at an early age, possibly making him Nidaime or Sandaime Tsuchikage.
Village Leader Guide
The following ninja act as their village leader. Note they are not Kages. Only the head ninja from the Five Great Shinobi Countries may use the title of "Kage". The individuals thus operate under their real name only.
Akahoshi [Hidden Star]
Akahoshi replaced Sandaime "Hoshikage" after his sudden death. The position of "Kage" within Hidden Star has not been recognized by the Five Great Shinobi Nations. Most in the village believe the usage of the chakra enhancing meteor will make the village powerful enough to be on equal footing with the other five nations. With the death of Akahoshi and the destruction of the meteor, the use of "Kage" will probably end. It is currently unknown who is leading the village.
Hanzou [Hidden Rain]
Hanzou acted as the leader of Hidden Rain for a number of years. When civil war broke out, the rebel leader Pain killed Hanzou and took control of the country.
Pain [Hidden Rain]
Though he acts as the leader of Akatsuki, Pain also led the Hidden Rain rebel ninjas in their civil war against their home village. Pain used his skills to eventually take out Hanzou.
Konan [Hidden Rain]
After Nagato sacrificed his life to help further Naruto's goal of changing the ninja world, Konan promised to honor his wishes and return to the Rain Country. She left Akatsuki and presumably took over control of the remaining Rain forces.
Shinnou [Hidden Sky]
Hidden Sky fought against Konoha in one of the Great Ninja Wars. Their forces were decimated. The village eventually rebuilt their power under the medical ninja Shinnou.
Kazahana Dotou [Hidden Snow]
After having his brother the Daimyou of the Snow Country killed, Dotou formed Hidden Snow and sought enough power to defeat the Five Great Shinobi Countries. He was eventually killed and Hidden Snow's future is unclear.
Orochimaru [Hidden Sound]
Forced to flee Hidden Leaf because of his forbidden experiments, Orochimaru went north and gathered many despondent ninja and clans. With his identity hidden, he formed Hidden Sound and set out to destroy Konoha once and for all.
Shibuki's Father [Hidden Waterfall]
This man served as the head of Hidden Waterfall in the past. When Waterfall came under foreign attack, he ingested the village's Hero water. Unfortunately he wasn't young enough to survive the effects of the water and he passed away shortly afterwards. His son Shibuki took over as Hidden Waterfall leader after his passing.
Shibuki [Hidden Waterfall]
After his father died, Shibuki took control of Hidden Waterfall. Shibuki was unprepared for the role early on, but eventually he accepted his position and strove to do all he could to protect his village.